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Warm Up 200 swim (no fins) 100 kick 100 swim Workout 4x50 kick @ :30 4x75 BOGDAT @ 1:10 8x25 BOGDAT @ :30 4x25 under @ :20/:40/:20/:40 4x25 BOGDAT @ :30 4x75 U(3/4U1/4K)U @ 1:30 4x25 kick @ :30 4x50 U(3/4U1/4K) @ 1:...
Jul 1st 2014 by jfryers CAN
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So, I have started to blog. This is certainly interesting. A little information about me: 1)I am a sprinter, in all strokes. I love the 200 IM. It is the test of true endurance and amazingness (the 400 is just too, too hard and ridiculous)...
Oct 27th 2010 by NadoErgoSum USA
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There was a couple of things I wanted to test before the actual swim, the wetsuit, the safety boat and electric outboard motor. I decided to test all at the swim site, Llyn Padarn, Llanberis, North Wales. The Boat & Motor: The boat I'd...
Aug 21st 2012 by AquaticChimp GBR
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Today I had a lovely time at the OneMileSwim at Roadford Lake in Devon. The swim is held in aid of Hospiscare, a local charity. It's a beautfiul venue and again the weather gods looked down kindly on a gloriously sunny (but quite chilly) ...
Sep 25th 2010 by overtaquatix GBR
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